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Although many find it impossible to believe, the truth is we are now entering a time when a nuclear WWIII is knocking at the doorstep. This war has been prophesied and its preparations have already been set in motion.

God has clearly identified many modern-day nations and declared what will happen to them once nuclear weapons begin to be used. The first are used against the United States in a meager attack, but one that temporarily immobilizes it. This is what will spark other nations to quickly enter a final world war.

Anyone who is really willing to look at the truth of what God has said about this end-time should be shocked and deeply sobered by what is written here. God has clearly shown that 1/3 of all life will be destroyed by mankind before He will intervene and stop our self-annihilation.

To know what is coming and how to be best prepared, it would be expedient to hear what God has shown concerning this last world war. Seventy years ago, many end-time events began to be revealed, one of which was about the rise of the European Union.

It was foretold that Europe would unite and have a common currency and eventually its own military comprised of 10 nations. On January 1, 1999, the euro was introduced as the new European currency. Then in 2018, an independent military alliance comprised of exactly 10 nations was established. All of these revelations have now come to fruition.

This book will focus on a timeline that is a continuing countdown to WWIII. A final stage in the overall countdown began in 1994 and is now drawing closer than ever to being completed. The world is totally unaware. You need to know what’s going on so that you can be prepared before these final end-time events begin!