End Time Books by Ronald Weinland

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This world has now entered a final countdown for the fulfillment of end-time prophecies. Catastrophic events are about to unfold on the world scene, and the international stage has now been fully set for them to occur.

As in the two previous world wars, people and nations are complacent, mainly asleep, or willingly ignorant of what is now taking place. Instead, they are selfishly focused inwardly upon their own special interests and even turning toward protectionism.

This book explains how large nations are identified in prophecy and what will happen to them as the world is plunged into a third world war. The year 2008 was the beginning of a global shakeup in the economic instability of this world. The fix for that crisis is now falling apart. We are literally at the point where a great implosion in the stock market, commodities, banking, and currencies is about to plunge us into a full-scale global economic collapse.

This impending economic collapse will push the nations into WWIII. Massive thermonuclear destruction is about to become a reality!

God has sent many prophets to different nations throughout time. Only once did an entire nation take heed and listen, and as a result, those people were spared total destruction. One last time—in this prophetic end-time—God is sending His forewarning message to the nations of what is about to be unleashed upon them.

These end-time events are not the end of mankind, but it will be an end to mankind’s self-rule. If God did not intervene in this great nuclear war and stop it, mankind would annihilate itself—so says God Almighty! God declares that He will step in once the nations have destroyed one-third of all life. …And that is still not the end!

We are currently entering the last throes of civilization where the world is coming face to face with the reality that mankind cannot govern itself, nor properly take care of this earth that God gave to us. Even apart from another world war, mankind is slowly but surely destroying this planet.

Billions are about to die in the worst time of all human history. Who will listen and seek to save their lives?