The Prophesied End–Time Revealed

End–Time Books by Ronald Weinland


2008 - God's Final Witness
January 11, 2012 WCEM 1240 AM, Cambridge, MD, with Cleveland Rippons
March 6, 2009WLW 700 AM, Cincinnati, OH with Mike McConnell
April 10, 2008talkSPORT Radio in London, U.K., the James Whale Show
December 15, 2007THE EDGE Radio Broadcast with Daniel Ott
August 12, 2007talkSPORT Radio in London, U.K., the James Whale Show
April 3, 2007WSBA 910 AM in Harrisburg, PA with Dennis Edwards
April 3, 2007KLBM 1450 AM in LaGrande, OR with Bobby Hollowwa
April 2, 2007KCOL 600 AM in Loveland, CO w/ Weinman & Fallen
March 28, 2007KCIS 630 AM in Seattle, WA with Michelle Mendoza
March 27, 2007WBZ 1030 AM in Boston, MA with Jordan Rich
March 22, 2007WKCT-93 Bowling Green, KY with Roy Brassfield
March 20, 2007WATR 1320 AM, Waterbury, CT with Ed Flynn
March 19, 2007WLW 700 AM, Cincinnati, OH with Mike McConnel
March 19, 2007CNN Radio interview with Pat St. Claire
March 13, 2007KGAB 650 AM, Cheyenne, WY with Dave Chaffin
March 13, 2007KLFD 1410 AM in Litchfield, MN with Aaron Imholte
March 9, 2007KBAR in Burley, ID - The Steve Mitton Show
March 9, 2007KGAU 1340 AM in Athens, GA
March 8, 2007KXL, Portland, OR - Lars Larson (poor quality recording)
February 22, 2007KOA, Denver, CO - The Rick Barber Show
February 21, 2007WMXK, Morristown, TN - The Morning Rush
February 21, 2007KFKA, Greeley, CO
December 11, 2006CC2 Radio in Canberra, Australia
September 5, 2005KDKA-AM Pittsburgh, PA - "Radio with Mike Pintek"
January 4, 2005KLPW-AM St. Louis, MO - "Alex Pennock Show"
January 3, 2005KAHI-AM Sacramento, CA - "Pop Off Show"
January 3, 2005KBAR-AM Burley, ID - "Steve Mitton Show"
December 30, 2004KAHI-AM Sacramento, CA - "Pop Off Show"
December 30, 2004WXRK-FM New York City on "K-Rock Magazine"
December 29, 2004KGWN-AM Seattle, WA with Thor Tolo
December 29, 2004WIBR-AM Baton Rouge, LA - "Ed Buggs Show"
December 2, 2004The Hilly Rose Show San Fransisco, CA
November 17, 2004KCBR-AM Colorado Springs, CO w/Tron Simpson
October 13, 2004KMED Medford, OR
October 13, 2004TalkStar Radio Hamilton, ONT, CANADA
October 6, 2004KIRO 710AM Seattle, WA
KEX 1190AM Portland, OR
KTNW Richland, WA
September 24, 2004WKRC-AM in Cincinnati, OH
September 22, 2004Spin 103.8 from Dublin, Ireland
September 22, 2004WRXK-FM in Ft. Meyers, FL
September 22, 2004KFTK-FM, 97.1 Talk on the "Dave Glover Show"
September 21, 2004Sirius Satalite Radio, "The Young Turk Show" in LA
September 17, 2004WSPD-AM with Denny Shafer in Toledo, OH
September 16, 2004Louisiana Radio with Don Grady
September 10, 2004WASO-AM, "Keith Rush Show" in New Orleans
September 9, 2004KFMA-FM, "The Frank Show" in Tucson, AZ